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All programs include:

  • Individuals sharing their experiences, wisdom, talent, passion, and energy to positively impact Lincoln.
  • Individuals looking to connect with peers to build their leadership competencies (i.e., awareness, knowledge, and skills).
  • Individuals sharing their perspectives to promote and elevate access, equity, and inclusion in our community.
  • Scholarships are available to offset tuition fees.
  • We believe in diversity and equity. When applying for and/or participating in our programs, if you have a disability or health condition that requires modified accommodations to participate, please notify us of your accommodation request and we will make every reasonable effort to meet that request. Please contact us at 402.441.4661 or

Executives / Flagship (Fellows/Advocates) Application:

Youth Application:

    • Do you lead from a new, frontline, mid-level or individual contributor position?
    • Do your professional goals include developing leadership awareness and skills outside of your organization?
    • If so, this program might be for you!
    • Do you have a diverse background that you can leverage to advocate for under-represented voices/populations?
    • Are you seeking a meaningful role in community governance and decision-making outside of your organization? These roles may include service on a non-profit board of directors or governmental boards and task forces.
    • If so, this program might be for you!
    • Tuition: $3,750.00
    • Scholarships are generously provided to support access to this cohort by the Community Health Endowment, Acklie Charitable Foundation, and Woods Charitable Fund, Inc.
    • Are you an executive or upper-level manager looking to deepen your understanding of the critical issues facing the community and how you can potentially impact change through your leadership position?
    • Are you a senior leader new to Lincoln or to your position, wanting to immerse yourself (and your spouse) among fellow leaders to further your leadership outside of your organization?
    • Is so, this program might be for you!
    • Tuition: $4,750.00 (includes a spouse/significant other’s participation)
    • Will you be a tenth grader in Lincoln/Lancaster County during the 2024-2025 academic year?
    • Do you share a vision for a better Lincoln led by your generation’s collaborative spirit?
    • If so, this program might be for you!
    • Tuition: $350.00

Meet Leadership Lincoln Alumni