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Legacy of Leadership Lincoln

Leadership Lincoln Promotes Community Involvement

Through its program, Leadership Lincoln begins to connect individuals to one another, to key decision makers in our community, and to the systems that make up Lincoln.

  1. Developing and Enhancing Leadership (Both Collectively and Individually)

    Leadership Lincoln considers "21st century leadership as bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to make shared decisions for the common good of the community."

  2. Providing Educational Programs

    Through its program, Leadership Lincoln works to promote long-term commitment, awareness, compassion, understanding, and involvement within the Lincoln community--what we call servant leadership.

    Leadership Lincoln seeks to reflect the community's diversity by engaging individuals of different backgrounds, cultures, talents and interests.

  3. Providing Opportunities for Community Involvement

    Our goal is to help participants learn where they can best put their interests, skills, and talents to use within the community. Upon completion of the program, we assist in connecting alumni with those agencies, organizations, and projects within the community that can benefit from their dedication and talent.

    Leadership Lincoln believes that informed, skilled, and dedicated leadership is the key to the future of the Lincoln community.


Leadership Lincoln participants have the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” to meet with Lincoln’s leaders in action, and to learn about and connect with Lincoln's business, health, education, government, and nonprofit organizations. In addition, participants are invited to attend ride-alongs with the Lincoln Police Department, to observe the Nebraska National Guard in action, and to sit in on classrooms in Lincoln's schools. 

A business/organization sponsoring a participant benefits by having a staff member who is more involved in community affairs and connected with others from a broad range of backgrounds. Such staff members have more to offer their company, as well as their community.

The community benefits in having access to a corps of dedicated and skilled citizens, informed problem-solvers, and responsive individuals who have established communication links with other area leaders.