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Valerie Hunt

She’s the mother of three, wife of a teacher, a Marathon runner, from of a family that’s been around for more than five generations, a member of Lincoln’s downtown Rotary and someone who helps the Bryan Health operation do good things. In this episode of the Leadership Lincoln podcast Lincoln, you’ll meet and get to know Valerie Hunt.

We've lived in 3 different states, 3 jobs, 3 kids. We're back on the family farm so my sons are the 6th generation.

Hunt grew up on a farm just Southeast of Lincoln and she and husband Adam are raising their sons there, now the 6th generation on that piece of ground. Like many young folks who grow up in Lincoln, getting away was appealing. That meant college in Missouri then work in Colorado and West Virginia. But, as the family began to arrive Hunt was reminded that Nebraska is a great place to raise a family.

When  you come to Lincoln, if you've been anywhere else, you become really impressed with how Lincoln has invested in the community for everyone to do things. We're blessed to have great schools, great libraries, great health care. 

When Valerie and Adam returned to Lincoln, it was primarily for her to accept a job as a Senior Development Officer with the Bryan Foundation. Adam took on the role as master of the house with responsibility to manage their growing sons. Adam, who’s originally from Kansas City, found all sorts of things to do around Lincoln. As the boys started school, he accepted a position at Lincoln Christian School.

So, why move back to Lincoln? Hunt shares in her interview a wide variety of reasons ranging from family to trails, from a caring community to people wanting to do good things.

  • Her Philosophy on Philanthropy

    I like to say I do strategic planning and philanthropic investments. I work to help charitable donations make a positive impact.

  • Training for a Marathon

    The Lincoln Marathon is my sanity training. I run on the trails in Lincoln to train. I usually run alone, it's my thinking time.

  • Making Lincoln Better

    If every day, when we woke up and had our meetings and did our work that we always assumed that we had the best of intentions for our community.

The Mud Run before and after