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Thank You to our Donors and Sponsors!

Since our creation, over 3,500 individuals have participated in and graduated from one of Leadership Lincoln's cohorts. Conservative estimates indicate our alumni have volunteered over 160,000 hours of time resulting in a benefit of more than $3.5 million to Lincoln in the past year. Today, one would be hard pressed to find a local organization that does not have Leadership Lincoln alumni involved as a volunteer.

We'd like to thank all the organizations and individuals who have helped us to make this possible!

Leadership Society

The following supporters contributed to celebrate Leadership Lincoln's 35 years of developing strong leaders for Lincoln. Their contributions build long-term capacity and sustainability so Leadership Lincoln can be here for decades to come.

  • AshLea and Tate Allberry--Executives 29
  • Randy and Jan Bretz--Executives 23
  • Mary (Fellows 1) and RogerĀ (Executives 12) Bruning
  • Doug Carey--Fellows 27
  • Macala Carter--Executives 30
  • T.J. Casady--Fellows 18
  • Kate Engel--Fellows 32
  • Brendan Evans--Fellows 19
  • Clover Frederick--Fellows 29
  • Bob Gevelinger--Executives 29
  • Georgia Glass--Executives 13
  • Lisa Hale--Executives 27
  • Mick Hale--Executives 27
  • David and Jen Haring--Executives 27
  • Vicki (Fellows 2) and John (Fellows 4) Huff
  • Liz (Fellows 17) and Ken (Fellows 18) Koop
  • Bradley Korell--Board of Directors
  • Deb Ramsay--Fellows 34
  • Bill Ryan--Fellows 12
  • David Shiffermiller--Fellows 15
  • Suzanne Sughroue--Fellows 19
  • DeeAnn Wenger--Fellows

And a special thank you to the following corporate sponsors who continue to sustain Leadership Lincoln through major gifts.