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Pinnacle Bank Arena City Suite Lease Guidelines

The City of Lincoln Owner’s Suite is leased out on a first-come-first-served basis.

A flat fee, determined by the ticket price for the event, will be charged for use of the suite which includes twelve tickets and four arena garage parking passes. The arena garage is attached to the Pinnacle Bank Arena on the west side of the building.

Women’s Basketball              $500 (includes $150 food and beverage allowance)

Men’s Basketball                    $900 (includes $300 food and beverage allowance)

Concerts/Events: Ticket         $75.00 or less=$1500 (includes $300 food and beverage allowance)

Concerts/Events: Ticket        $76.00 or more=$2100 (includes $300 food and beverage allowance)   

There are no refunds or cancellations once a ticket has been printed. If your guest is not able to attend the event, we suggest that another guest be invited.           

The suites are located on the Premium Level of the Pinnacle Bank Arena and are accessible from the south side of the arena.

Private lessees will make all lease payments to ASM Global (checks should be made out to Pinnacle Bank Arena). The lessee must provide a single valid credit card number to ASM Global, the Pinnacle Bank Arena operator, as a security deposit should the city’s suite be damaged or other losses occur during the use of the suite.

Private lessees will be required to sign a release provided by ASM Global indicating their responsibility for any damage or destruction to the suite and a disclaimer of liability that will be kept on file with ASM Global.

Private lessees who wish to appeal rental related issues or damage claims by the city’s arena operator should file a letter with the City of Lincoln Mayor’s Office at 555 S. 10th Street, Suite 301, Lincoln, NE 68508.

Suite rental will be done on an event by event basis. No multiple event reservations may be made by a single party.

Private lessees may not resell the suite, its tickets, or use the suite for the purposes of raffle or auction.

If you request and accept the suite rental of events with times "TBA," you are held responsible for paying the rental regardless of your availability once the time is announced.

If you, or any of your guests, have a disability or require special accommodations to fully participate in a PBA event, please contact the Premium Services Manager (402.904.5599) to discuss your needs 48 hours prior to the event.