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Senior executives, both new to town and long-time residents, gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing Lincoln and at the same time make connections across all levels and types of organizations that make up our city.

We’ve found that executives in our city are already service oriented, so one of the key things they gain from Leadership Lincoln is a chance to connect across a wide variety of companies, organizations, and public agencies. It’s through these connections our alumni have woven the fabric of Lincoln.

Participants explore leadership skills, group dynamics and community development issues and learn about the various organizations, educational institutions, governmental entities and businesses in Lincoln.


Executives Program Schedule

  • Seminars (September-May)
    Seminars (September-May)

    Seminars are scheduled on Thursdays of each month. Seminars allow participants to explore and discuss the systems that make Lincoln a strong and vibrant community.
    Attendance is required at 80% of the programming hours.

  • Tuition for the program is $4,750.00
    Tuition for the program is $4,750.00
    • Applying to Leadership Lincoln is free and open to all individuals who live or work in Lancaster County.
    • Leadership Lincoln charges a tuition fee of $4,750.00 to all individuals selected to participate in the program. Tuition includes a spouse/significant other’s participation. Tuition is nonrefundable.
    • Tuition assistance is available through a scholarship program. If an applicant is interested in scholarship support, that request must be made when their application is submitted. Scholarships will be offered to applicants at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Meet the Members of Executives 36 (2023-2024)