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Suzanne Sughroue

For anyone who knows Suzanne, they'll tell you she is a Lincoln person through and through.  She is the 4th generation from Lincoln and will quickly tell you she is the “Third Generation who graduated from Lincoln High School” . . . and then she’ll share her wonderful stories about Lincoln.  She is funny, down to earth and very smart.   She has the thing that Lincoln has in spades . . . love, seriousness and good humor.  Suzanne served as the chairman of the Leadership Lincoln Board in 2018 and 2019.  She is also the Director of Development for the Madonna Foundation in Lincoln.

The Foundation supports the work of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals in Lincoln and Omaha.

  • A Lincoln Native

    “ So . . . I was actually born in Lincoln. I have all the wonderful stereotypes of childhood that every well-adjusted person has. I spent my time in Lincoln with about 50 other kids at the before bed time games we were all at , thinking how could I be this lucky? I worked at Miller and Paine, just like my mother and my grandmother, I learned to swim at MUNY pool, I also always went to Lee’s Chicken and sat next to Mrs. Applebee while she played music. I remember thinking very clearly, I cannot imagine being somewhere else. “

This was how she answered why she never left Lincoln.  But she doesn’t leave you bored with how not leaving Lincoln didn’t do anything for her.  She stops for a bit and says “This is a much bigger city than it was” … and gives us a real sense of how much things have changed and why it’s important for people to stay in Lincoln.  She talks very realistically about how people at the Madonna Foundation and Hospitals are the best you can find.   She describes the day she went into work almost 13 years ago and what has actually changed her since that time.   She was absolutely stunned when she went in to see the Hospital – and remains stunned to this day.  

Lincoln is a place where the medical community is always side-by-side with a patient.   She describes the kind of moral attention patients receive.  Even children get looked after at Madonna.   It’s as if she is trying to say, “Listen, you may not think this about Lincoln, but here is what we have.”  It’s as if she has stayed in Lincoln long enough to watch a change happen, and great things come out of it.

Suzanne Sugroue, just one more example of the quality of people who live in Lincoln. 

  • Why Lincoln?

    My reasons for (telling people) to stay here have changed so much. This is a much more diverse town.

  • You should visit Lincoln

    I'm proud my community is committed to supporting it's visitors.

  • Support our leaders

    We need to keep supporting our city leaders and keep providing great jobs for the next generation.