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Sheldon Museum of Art

Contact Person
Monica Babcock
Associate to the Director and Administrative Project Manager
Sheldon Museum of Art
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Fax 402.472.4258

Museum Store Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer with Sheldon offers you a wide variety of benefits such as, a greater understanding of art, pride in helping an institution, developing your skills and talents, 20% off in the Store, working in a mid-century modern building, as well as many others. There’s always something happening at the museum, whether it’s an event, tours, gallery talk, artist presentation, or film screening, the museum is an inspiring place to be. The staff are friendly and eager to share the pride of our art collection.

Volunteers in the Museum Store will not only be responsible for taking payment of goods, assisting with inventory, and maintaining store displays, but are also a vital source of information for museum visitors. The museum store is often the final ‘gallery’ the visitor ends their tour on. Conversations about art can be fostered and further developed in this space.

Days and hours of available volunteer spots can vary. Saturdays and Sundays are often available. A volunteer can do as many or as little hours as they are willing and able to do. Training will familiarize the person with merchandise, computer point of sale systems, and visitor interaction until they feel comfortable handling the store in the manager’s absence. This position is especially helpful for those who need more retail experience.

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