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Engage in Lincoln

Leadership Lincoln engages individuals from diverse backgrounds by providing them with the knowledge, experiences, skills and leadership tools that prepare them to become effective leaders within the community.

There are many definitions of leadership. Leadership Lincoln defines a community leader as a person who works with others to develop and sustain the health of the community. Community leadership occurs when anyone, regardless of their official position or lack of it, works to develop and sustain the health of the community.

Leadership Lincoln was incorporated in 1984 after a group of community leaders got together to discuss future needs of the community. Those founders were individuals who were visionaries, lead by example and cared deeply about their community. Many continue to have an impact on Lincoln today. To read more about history and see a list of founders click here.

Among the needs they saw in Lincoln was the need to have a pool of well-trained, well-informed and well-connected individuals who believed passionately in their community, who wanted to see the community work for all of its citizens, and who were willing and able to step forward and volunteer their services whenever needed. Leadership Lincoln was founded to help build and continually expand this pool.

Lincoln is a wonderful place to call home—there is no better place to raise a family. But like all communities, Lincoln is a constantly evolving community. And, like all communities, Lincoln needs leaders at all levels to keep it a great city.

Leadership Lincoln is an organization for anyone who wants to be effective at developing and sustaining the health of our community. We start by assuming that you:

  • Believe in Lincoln and its future health
  • Want to be involved in community life
  • Are open-minded
  • Are action-oriented and willing to take risks
  • Are interested in creating and sustaining social change for the common good of the community
  • Are willing to work collaboratively
  • Are willing to support others in becoming civically involved

We also assume that you:

  • Will use what you gain from Leadership Lincoln as a volunteer who will help facilitate community based processes
  • Will use what you gain from Leadership Lincoln in your professional life
  • Are working to balance your professional life, your family responsibility with your community interests

The first step for individuals who are interested in getting engaged in the Lincoln community is to choose a Leadership Lincoln program and apply!