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Project ALL

Project ALL (Academy for Local Leadership) was formed in 2008 as a collaborative effort between Leadership Lincoln, the Community Health Endowment and Mayor Chris Beutler's Office.

The mission of Project ALL is to increase diversity in community decision-making.

To accomplish this mission, the program recruits, encourages and equips individuals who represent or are interested in advocating for under-represented voices for meaningful roles in community governance. These roles may include, but are not limited to, service on non-profit board of directors and governmental boards and task forces.

If you are looking to recruit a Project ALL alumni to your organization, please click here to do a volunteer search.


Project ALL Program Schedule

  • Seven Seminars (September-March)

    Seven Seminars (September-March)

    All-day seminars are usually scheduled on the second Wednesday each month. Seminars include an overview of not-for profit agencies and City of Lincoln commissions and committees. Presentations provide opportunities to learn what it means to serve on a non-profit or governmental Board of Directors or commission, and what are the roles and responsibilities of such service.
    Attendance is required at 80% of the programming hours involved in those seminars.

  • Community Service

    Community Service

    At the conclusion of the program, participants will pledge their service to a local organization/commission and be matched with experienced Board of Directors members as mentors for ongoing guidance and support.

  • No tuition fee for participants

    No tuition fee for participants

    The Community Health Endowment's generous support makes it possible to offer the program at no charge to participants.


Project ALL also provides education to community organizations and agencies about the recruitment and retention of traditionally under-represented groups and the benefits of diverse leadership.

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