The Leadership Lincoln Fellows program examines the organizations and systems that make up Lincoln and its quality of life. It offers an opportunity for individuals from all segments of our community to better understand the community and to develop leadership skills through the identification and discussion of current issues.

The Fellows program is developed within a framework of values, skills, knowledge and experiences and provides information and problem-solving techniques to expand participants’ opportunities to assume meaningful leadership roles.


Applications become available each April and are due each May for the following September-May program.

Selection emphasizes diversity by seeking applications from all segments of the community. The ideal class should be a representative mix of all levels of employment, public and private, paid and unpaid.

What Makes a Qualified Candidate?

  • Demonstrate an interest in and a potential for leadership;
  • Show self-motivation with a broad range of interests and a willingness to contribute to the group process; and
  • Commit the time and energy required to participate in the program.

Fellows Program Schedule

  • Opening Retreat  (September)

    Opening Retreat (September)

    A two-day, one-night seminar which allows the participants to explore leadership skills, group dynamics and community development issues.
    Attendance is required for the entire two day, one night retreat-no exceptions.

  • Eight Seminars (October-May)

    Eight Seminars (October-May)

    All-day seminars scheduled on the third Thursday of each month. Skills form the focus of each seminar and include a strong commitment to experiential learning so as to enhance participants' awareness and practice of leadership skills.
    Attendance is required at 80% of the programming hours involved in those seminars.

  • Final Retreat (May)

    Final Retreat (May)

    All-day seminar which allows participants to reflect together on their year and make commitments for their own civic engagement and servant leadership in Lincoln.

  • Tuition for the program is $2,400.00

    Tuition for the program is $2,400.00

    $200.00 of the full amount is expected to be paid personally by the attendee. Extended payment plans are available. Tuition is nonrefundable.
    Tuition assistance is available through Leadership Lincoln's Scholarship Program. Scholarships are based on financial need.

  • Community Service Project

    Community Service Project

    Participants are also expected to complete a community service project.


A business/organization sponsoring a participant benefits by having a staff member who is more involved in community affairs and connected with others from a broad range of backgrounds. Such staff members have more to offer their company, as well as their community.

The community benefits in having access to a corps of dedicated and skilled citizens, informed problem-solvers and responsive individuals who have established communication links with other area leaders.

Meet the Members of Fellows XXXII (2016-2017)