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Get to know the people of Lincoln

At Leadership Lincoln, we believe it's the people of Lincoln who make this city the great place we all enjoy. And, we want folks from around the country to know what makes Lincoln such a great place to live. So, we're interviewing them and sharing those interviews on these podcasts. Marilyn Moore and Randy Bretz host these interviews. They each thought they'd be in Lincoln for just a few years but loved the city so much they've made Lincoln their home for many years. Both are retired but still very active. Marilyn spent her career in education at Lincoln Public Schools and the Bryan College of Health Sciences. Randy spent time at the University of Nebraska, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications and Nelnet. Both are Leadership Lincoln alumni and love to meet and get to know people. 

As you listen to these interviews, we ask just two things: First, share them with your friends near and far. Second, send along your suggestions of people you'd like us to interview. 

  • Katie’s life was changed when her family helped welcome a refugee family from Afghanistan to Lincoln. They helped furnish a home for a single mother and her six children in 1999. That family still lives in Lincoln.