• AC 2015

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  • Jameson DeBose

    Jameson DeBose

    Jameson, Youth Leadership Lincoln IV, was awarded the Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad for his work building a partnership between the Bangkok Consulate and the Ban Kru Noi Child Development Center

  • Roxann Brennfoerder

    Roxann Brennfoerder

    Roxann, Fellows V, serves on the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors.

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    Addison Killeen, Fellows XXIX

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    Monica Miles-Steffens, Fellows XXIX

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    Matt Muench, Fellows XXIX

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    Rose Hood Buss, Fellows XXIX

Welcome to Leadership Lincoln

Leadership Lincoln engages individuals from diverse backgrounds by providing them with the knowledge, experiences, skills and leadership tools that prepare them to become effective leaders within the community.

Leadership Lincoln then connects those individuals to one another, to key decision makers in our community and to agencies, organizations, governmental commissions, projects and the community at large. We also encourage and expect those individuals to take personal responsibility and actively serve the community resulting in a stronger and better Lincoln for all of us.

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